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WTF Is “Esports”? +

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If you’re old enough to vote, you’ve probably got fond memories of sitting on a couch with your buddies playing splitscreen multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros., Call of Duty, or Goldeneye. While the competition got fierce sometimes, these games …

The Key Differences between the ActiveX and JavaBeans Frameworks 2


ActiveX from Microsoft and JavaBeans are two competing frameworks designed to make creating applications easier by allowing for individual and reusable software components. Developers can use both in visual development environments. There are also major differences. JavaBeans is based on …

How to Avoid the Most Common Online Scams 2


The number of link scams and phishing attempts online has increased in recent years making it more important than ever to avoid these types of frauds. The scams get more sophisticated and harder to detect every year. Avoiding these scams …

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mapping Tools +

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Mapping tools are now used by many people for a wide variety of purposes. Applications such as Google Earth allow you to access very detailed information about a place, whether it’s a destination you plan to visit or you’re simply …

Understanding the Details of UVerse Services from AT&T 2


UVerse the name for a collection of services from AT&T that includes television, Internet and phone service as well as special software and dedicated customer support. The services are intended to be bundled so that they work together. UVerse uses …

Refinishing Teak Furniture and Loving the Results +

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Refinishing teak furniture is a cherished art that goes back a thousand years or more. While soft wood such as pine is intended to be discarded when the wood ages, some wood is durable enough to last several lifetimes. Teak …

Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions 27


Anyone who uses a piping system will eventually encounter a problem due to time and use. Because there are a variety of different issues that can occur in plumbing systems, it is good to have one’s plumbing inspected at the …

Financial Management – Give Your Money a Plan +

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Financial management defines the act of achieving the core fiduciary goals that a given company or individual works towards. Without a solid game plan, a business or person would be set adrift in a sea of financial uncertainty. In the …

Protecting Your Network +

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It is critical that you have proper security and mapping for your network. Network mapping allows you to see which devices are on the network and what their IP addresses are. With active directory tools, you can see who has …

Tools for Installing the Ubuntu Operating System alongside Windows 3


Developers realized quickly that many people wanted to install Ubuntu on Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 computers without removing the original operating system. This resulted in a special Ubuntu installer for Windows. The installer can be combined with other Windows tools to create …