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Nokyoung Xayasane is a staff writer for What better person to write for a men’s website, than a wo-man...? That’s me. A woman. I’m also a writer who writes. Hmmm, my posts are better than this bio, I swear. So we’ve established that I’m a woman, and I write. That covers it, I think.

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Luckiest Dude in Russia – Man Narrowly Survives Gas Station Accident (VIDEO) +

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Watch the intense viral video.


Jon Lord, ‘Deep Purple’ Keyboardist, Dies at 71 (VIDEO) +

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We say goodbye to a rad musician.


Mermaids Have Never Actually Existed? (VIDEO) +

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‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ causing a bunch of confusion.


Honey Badger Don’t Care – Deadliest F#@k Out There (VIDEO) +

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This f—ker is crazy.

Adorbz? Nope. You were sadly mistaken.

Joe Paterno Knew All About Jerry Sandusky’s Sexual Deviance 1

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FBI Director Louis Freeh reveals his findings.

Jerry Sandusky (left) with Joe Paterno

BBQ Chip Bandits Busted, Reporter & Officer Can’t Keep a Straight Face (VIDEO) +

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Follow the trail of chips!


Mitt Romney Used To Dress Up As A Cop and Pull People Over 2


That’s kinda f—-ed up.


Higgs Boson – Scientists Stoked After Discovering This Sweet Particle +

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God particle discovered?

Peter Higgs looking happy as f@#k.

The Dingo Actually Did Kill My Baby +

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32-year-old mystery finally solved!


Oprah Winfrey Confronts 50 Cent About His B—- Named ‘Oprah’ (VIDEO) +

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“I heard you had a b—- named Oprah, that’s what I heard.” — Oprah