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Nokyoung Xayasane is a staff writer for What better person to write for a men’s website, than a wo-man...? That’s me. A woman. I’m also a writer who writes. Hmmm, my posts are better than this bio, I swear. So we’ve established that I’m a woman, and I write. That covers it, I think.

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Brazilian Model Nana Gouvêa Mocked After Hurricane Sandy Photo Shoot (PHOTOS) 1

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Photoshop at its best.


Man Ruptures Bladder After Strip Tease 1

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Damn, my bladder!

Man Ruptures Bladder After Strip Tease

Little Girl Begs Romney Not to Fire Big Bird +

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Big Bird, clear out your desk by the end of the day.


European Beard and Moustache Championships: Hairy Pageants for Dudes +

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Which beard will reign supreme?

Beard conductors keepin' it real.

‘Little Baby’s Ice Cream’ Promo is Absolutely Terrifying (VIDEO) +

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“This is a special time.” WTF.


Dude Gets Kicked Off Plane, Movie Producer Tweets the Whole Bizarre Tale 1

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Pretty f–ked up.


Tony Scott Jumps to His Death +

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‘Top Gun’ director takes his life.


Dave Mustaine from Megadeth Thinks Obama Staged Gun Massacres +

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Oh, Dave Mustaine.


Shark Week 2012 Begins: The Biggest Shark Ever (VIDEO) +

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T-Rex’s head would fit into Megalodon’s mouth.


‘Dark Knight Rises’ Critics Getting Death Threats +

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People are very very serious about their love of Batman.