James Sheldon is a contributing writer for Manolith.com. He is a walking dichotomy of sorts, e.g. Loves the teachings of Jesus, and can't stand the GOP. Firmly believes that every man should have the capability of being a true gentleman as well as a downright dude. He'll write about anything and everything with an expert's perspective... just blame his background in acting if you think he's full crap.

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NFL Settles $765 Million Concussion Lawsuit +

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Should this settlement spur additional changes in the way the game is played or the type of player who plays it?

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Johnny Manziel Awaits Decision From Useless NCAA +

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I hope Johnny Manziel broke the rules, and I hope he gets away with it. It’s time to tear the NCAA down.

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Robert Griffin III Hit With $10,000 Fine for “Unauthorized Apparel” +

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Good ol’ Roger Goodell is hard at work protecting the integrity of the NFL.

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You Might Consider Pulling a LeBron James and Shaving Your Head +

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LeBron is leading hair-challenged dudes by example.


22 Mantastic Movies Every Dude Should See (VIDEOS) 6


You may find a few surprises on this list.


Watch A-Rod Get Beaned in Beantown (VIDEO) +

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Ryan Dempster’s lack of efficiency actually made A-Rod look like the good guy.


Watch NY Mets LaTroy Hawkins Take a Hard Shot Off the Nuggets (GIFs) +

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If it doesn’t work out with the Mets, perhaps LaTroy Hawkins can sing soprano for the Metropolitan Opera?


Martial Arts Epic ‘The Grandmaster’ to Be Presented by Martin Scorsese (VIDEO) +

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After months of uncertainty, “The Grandmaster” will finally open in the United States.


Why Is It Less Creepy When Tom Brady Has a Wandering Eye? (VIDEO) +

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Finally! Tom Brady proves he’s just another guy.


Falcons Brian Banks Makes Exceptional NFL Debut in Preseason Loss to Bengals +

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Brian Banks is officially back on the football field.

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