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New Zealand Plumber Pranks Brother, Makes Every Faucet a Beer Tap (VIDEO) +

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We still have so much to learn from other countries.


NFL Week 2 Suggests League Parity is Better Than Ever +

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I refuse to suggest Roger Goodell has anything to do with this. It’s all due to the owners, managers, coaches and players.

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Alabama vs. Texas A&M: It’s More Than Football, It’s Must-See TV 1

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Oh, it’s about to get real.

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Six Things to Take Away From Week 1 of the NFL Season +

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There were wins, losses, impressive performances and even a few surprises, but here’s what I took away from the weekend.

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Dennis Rodman Will Train North Korean Basketball Team for 2016 Olympics +

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Paula Abdul was right; opposites certainly do attract.

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’80s Dad’ May Be the Weirdest — or Coolest — Parent Ever (VIDEO) +

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Sometimes you gotta be bold to regain some perspective.


Alyssa Milano’s Sex Tape Offers Sexy Social Satire (VIDEO) 32


“Leaked” by Funny or Die is something everyone should care about.


Tommy Morrison, Former Heavyweight Champ, Dead at 44 +

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Morrison’s life played out as an American tragedy wrapped tightly in neurosis and denial.


The 10 Greatest Baseball Brawls of the Last 40 Years (VIDEOS) +

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There’s nothing quite like a bench-clearing baseball brawl.


Heisman Hopeful Jadeveon Clowney Is One to Watch in Tonight’s NCAA Football Season Opener (VIDEO) +

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If your think your favorite NFL team is gonna suck this season, you’ll want to pay particular attention to this game tonight. The 2014 #1 NFL Draft pick will be on the field.