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David Woods was the deputy editor of Manolith.com from December, 2011 to July, 2013. Just like you, he gets excited about tasty pizza, last-second touchdowns and good movie trailers. Unlike you, he gets paid to write about how much these things excite him. What a lucky jerk, right? You can find him on Twitter @davidpwoods.

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Jessica Alba Has Never Looked Bad +

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Not a blemish on her record.

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5 Things That Had to Be Redesigned to Accommodate Fat People 2


We obviously can’t lose weight, so instead we redesigned a bunch of the most fundamental products we use.

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6 Most Realistic Sports Movies of All Time — and the 3 Least Realistic, Too 9


Nothing takes a die-hard sports fan out of the moment more than seeing fictionalized play on the field that looks nothing like real life.


5 Fast Food Employees Caught Messing With Your Food +

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As if fast food wasn’t disgusting enough.

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My 3 Favorite Web Videos of Forever +

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I’m outta here!


Chris Weidman’s Knockout of Anderson Silva Gets the ‘Punch-Out!!’ Treatment (VIDEO) 2


See Silva dancing around like an idiot and getting popped on the chops in a whole new light.

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Harrison Ford’s Wit, Crankiness Dominate Comic-Con Panel for ‘Ender’s Game’ +

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“I think we all know that we’ve won,” said Ford in response to questions about the author’s anti-gay views.

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Jon Hamm Killed at the ESPYs, But the ESPYs Are Still Stupid (VIDEO) +

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But the ESPYs monologue is still cool, sometimes.

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Kanye West’s $120 Plain White T-Shirts Sold Out +

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People really want to give Kanye their money!

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Did Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen Colbert Almost Fight Last Night? (VIDEO) 5


It was an awkward clash between two different eras of comedy.

Photo credit: Comedy Central