Colin Hunter

Colin is a staff writer for He has previously worked as a reporter at a daily newspaper (without, sadly, a superhero alter-ego) and at a quantum physics research institute, where he occasionally hobnobbed with Stephen Hawking. His is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, but has never quite figured out why. He is probably listening to either Dixieland jazz or death metal right now.

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11 Sexy WWE Divas of the Past: Where Are They Now? (VIDEOS) +

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Ever wondered what happened to those buxom beauties from the Bra & Panties matches?

wwe divas where are they now

13 Video Games That Should Never Have Been Made (VIDEOS) 1

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These titles will go down in gaming history for all the wrong reasons.

elf bowling

11 “Foreign” Pro Wrestlers Who Weren’t Really Foreign 4


Finding an actual evil foreigner is a little trickier than just hiring an ethnically ambiguous American to play the part.

marc copani

We Dare You to Watch the 10 Most Boring Videos on YouTube 1

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You’ve wasted enough time watching kitten videos and fail compilations. Now take your time-wasting prowess to the next level.

boring video

8 Signs of the Apocalypse Not Predicted by Religion (VIDEOS) +

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Bible schmible. Here are eight apocalyptic warnings from a truly reliable source: YouTube.

end of the world

10 Wrestling Fans Getting Too Close to the Action (VIDEOS) 1

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These fans will never again say that wrestling is fake.

wrestler punches fan

The 10 Dumbest Perverts Ever on ‘To Catch a Predator’ +

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Not quite journalism, not quite law enforcement, but the funnest aspects of both.

Chris hansen

8 Real-life Badasses Who Have Beaten Up Chuck Norris (VIDEOS) 2


Yes, Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird, but he’s not undefeated. Here are eight men who kicked his ass.

people who have beaten chuck norris

15 Weirdest Sex Deaths (And How to Avoid Them) +

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Want some killer sex? Careful what you wish for. Here are 15 ways a good bonk can kill you — and some advice on how to avoid a fatal climax.

weird sex deaths

Waxing For Men: What You Need to Know Before Letting ‘Er Rip (VIDEOS) +

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If simple manscaping is not enough to keep your short-and-curlies under control, you might want to try waxing. But probably not.

waxing for guys