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Charlotte is a staff writer for She enjoys drinking on patios, playing Portal 2 on co-op mode, and pretending to be Batman.

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Guide Dog In Training Saves Handlers From Getting Hit by a Car (VIDEO) 1

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So … I guess that means he passed his training?

Photo credit: Marinij on YouTube

Florida Men Arrested for Picking Magic Mushrooms, Found with Stolen Alligator in Backpack +

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Party on, Florida Man. Party on.

Photo credit: FWC Officer Steve McDaniel

The NFL Players’ Association Is Selling LGBT Pride T-Shirts +

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The vintage-style tees are available in black with rainbow detailing and feature the NFLPA logo and a #Pride hashtag on the front, with players’ names and numbers on the back.

Photo credit: NFLPA One Team Shop

Everything You Love Is Covered in Poop +

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We are the worst, humanity. We’re disgusting and we’re getting pooticles all over our phones and everything we love.

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Just Look at Justin Bieber’s Douchetastic Leopard Print Audi +

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This is the four simultaneously popped collars of cars.


Science Proves Math Can Literally Be Painful 10


Science and math come together to prove something we already knew.

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High School Football Star Gives Touchdown to Mourning Teammate (VIDEO) +

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Is someone cutting onions?

Photo credit: Jeff Stewart

Michael Phelps is Better Than You at Everything (VIDEO) +

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Just give up.


There is Going to be a ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ Movie and There’s Nothing You Can Do About it 1

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Deal with it.

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‘Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style’ is Probably the Best Thing You’ll See All Day (VIDEO) +

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How can you miss out on Deadpool doing the horse dance?