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Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual Bombshell: She Dates Men and Women! +

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Who will be the lucky man – or woman – to make this starlet finally settle down!

Evan Rachel Wood

75-Year-Old Woman Shuts Down Internet in Two Countries by Accident (WATCH)! +

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We’ve all experienced the outrage and panic that consumes us when one of our favorite sites like Twitter or Facebook crashes but what happens when the entire internet goes down without notice? Just ask residents of Georgia and Armenia…

Woman Shuts Down Internet SM

NBA Playoff Schedule 2011 Printable Brackets! 2


NBA Playoffs are just around the corner. Are you ready?


Richard Branson Taking the World by Virgin Oceanic Submarine! +

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Richard Branson has already taken the world by air and now he’s going to attempt to take the world by sea as well!

Richard Branson

George Lopez vs. Kirstie Alley: Whose Side Are You On? 5


Another celebrity smackdown…and, no, it’s not Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg this time…

Kirstie Alley SM

Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel: Pucker Up (Watch)! 1

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Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night…watch it here!

Charlie Sheen SM

Charlie Sheen Winning Song (LISTEN) from the Makers of Bed Intruder! 2


From the same people (or person) who brought you the hilarious bed intruder song, we bring you the Charlie Sheen song!

Charlie Sheen 1 SM

Miami Heat Crying Controversy: Erik Spoelstra Taking the Heat Now! 3


Looks like Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is in hot water this week!

Erik Spoelstra

Wes Leonard, 16, Dies After Sealing Big Win for Basketball Team +

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A young kid with so much potential and the heartbreaking story of how it all came to an end too fast.

Wes Leonard SM

Naked Therapist Sarah White Strips to Help Heal (Photo)! 2


Naked therapy with a naked therapist – is this why so many people love New York?

Sarah White Naked Therapist