Five Questions: Sons of Anarchy “Wolfsangel” (SPOILERS)

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Wow. Can you believe this episode? Internet talk informed me that something wicked would occur in the first ten minutes of this episode, and it sure did. If you didn’t see the title, there will be MAJOR SPOILERS from this point forward.

Lee Toric/Otto = WTF?!

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The first shocking moment of this episode came when Toric put a bullet in the stomach of a prostitute, and then covered her head with a pillow and killed her. All of this happened just as the District Attorney arrived and was parked outside. What happens next? Toric answers the door like nothing happened! Then he leaves the body in the room, puts a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and takes off to question two Byz-Lats. Of course Toric didn’t conduct a normal questioning, but rather opened a beer bottle using the teeth of both gang members and says, “What do you know? It’s a twist-off.”

Ok, I know everybody saw the episode, but were you ready for the Otto scene? Everytime Otto appears on screen something horrible is going to take place, which is crazy given his predicament. Was the content of “Wolfangels” too much? Kurt Sutter originally had an arc written for Donal Logue, but the actor had to split early to shoot “Vikings.” The deaths of Otto and Logue certainly make it more interesting. I thought Eli Roosevelt was just getting started with Toric after discovering he set up Nero. “I didn’t even see that coming,” Toric says as he bleeds to death.

Gaalen O’Shay doesn’t mess around, huh?

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The power struggle between Jax and Gaalen has been intriguing, but now the Irish took it to a whole new level by murdering and dismembering Phil and V-Lin. What did Jax think would happen? He always makes these bold statements to the Irish, and this time Galen actually did something. Of hgh diet course most people were expecting Tig to die in this episode, especially after seeing the caskets on the promos. What do you see happening with Jax and the Irish?

What’s the end game for Clay Morrow?

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It was quite an episode for ol’ Clay. He and Otto were both being pressured by Toric to rat, and now Clay is the only one left. He killed a skinhead in the prison yard and now has protection from the One-Niners. What’s next? I should note the importance of Gemma, Tara and Wendy in this episode. We learned that Tara and Wendy are working together, but will happen when Gemma finds out?

How long will Tig last?

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Well, it was a close call for Tig, but it looks like he will be around after Jax reached a deal with August Marks by agreeing to get him involved with the Irish gun distributors. Everyone loves Tig, and fans will be happy that he’ll be around for the time being. Can he stay out of trouble though? And how about when he came knocking on Jax’s door?

What’s the next move for Jax Teller and SAMCRO?

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One of the best moments of this episode was when Chibs gave Jax a dose of reality about the vision of the club. Is JT on something or onto something? Gaalen laughed when he said “Hands off our club,” and then took out two of the members. How about the help from their San Bernardino chapter in taking out the Nazis?! There’s so many angles right now, and creator Kurt Sutter has taken a significantly darker turn with not only the humor, but the violence. Toric is dead. Otto is dead. Skinheads were killed. Tig lived. Two Club members were killed. What an episode. Let me know how you think Jax should handle the club.

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