Five Techniques of the Classy Airplane Traveler


The stress of airplane travel is experienced by people all over the world on a daily basis. One wishes to have an enjoyable and safe experience, however far too often we are overcome by small anxieties that not only affect our own well-being, but those around us. The stress begins the night before and wears off the following morning. Let me offer five techniques to help manage your stress on the aircraft, which will allow one to maintain a classy aura that will be beneficial for all.

Focused Vision

Travelers: You are now on the airplane. Yes, you made it and it’s time to re-focus your energy. You will be tempted to text “I’m on the plane,” but that can wait until the seat is reached. The pilot and flight attendants are waiting to greet the passengers, and one must not take this for granted. Collect yourself and offer a kind greeting that is genuine and memorable. It will reflect on the crew and also those in the first few rows. Make your mark.

Aisle Awareness

You are walking down the aisle and several curious faces have locked in on your face, whether you like or or not. Keep a curious look on the face, and stare to the back of the plane as if looking for an old friend. No one is back there, of course, but your composed aisle walk is better than delivering and receiving nervous glances. Find your seat and sit down with a subtle style. The fellow passengers will think, “Wow, look at that.”Keep in mind that there is no reason to touch anyone, but certainly offer help is one asks.

Aisle awareness is also important for seat assignment. Perhaps you have a fondness for the window seat, and if so, then I encourage the traveler to choose the best seat for comfort traveling. However, if you’re a grown person, consider pre-selecting an aisle seat online. This location allows one to transition to the air pisser with ease and comfort. Acknowledge the middle and window passengers at the beginning of the flight, and be clear about any sleeping plans. Let your fellow travelers feel comfortable about the idea of a slight push to your head if they need to get up. Aisle awareness is all about responsibility and communication, which comes easy to the classy traveler.

Headphones Hands

The unwritten rules of airplane conversation continue to evolve in this crazy world of ours. Technology has made one’s travel experience more comfortable, but also more stressful through a constant connection to the world via interweb. The pros and cons of conversation must be weighed in the moment, and the classy traveler will conduct themselves with respect and honor. Don’t worry yourself with social media or pressure to converse with the fellow passengers. Take a moment to reflect on the day’s events through your favorite music. One doesn’t have to explain the need to enjoy the sounds of their favorite artists, and when your hands extend in front of the body with headphones in hand, the fellow travelers will immediately recognize your intentions.

 The Look Around Lean-Back

Before one leans one’s head back to clear the mind, take a moment to consider the comfort of the traveler behind you, and the options of a technique I call the “Turn Around Lean-Back.” Yes, the move involves turning around and leaning back. The initial turnaround and appropriate facial expression says “Greetings. I am about to slowly move my seat back and crush your legs.” Of course one doesn’t say this, but rather looks around to the passenger while slowly leaning back with an eye on the fellow traveler. The move is executed organically and everybody is happy.

 Second Drink Surprise

If one chooses to consume alcohol, then do so with moderation. The classy traveler will enjoy a two drink maximum. The first taste expresses a desire to relax and enjoy the experience. The second? Well, the second offers intrigue to both the fellow passengers and attendants. Who is this character? Once you finish the second drink and call it quits, the fellow passengers will recognize that you are indeed the classy traveler.

I hope you enjoyed my five techniques and find them useful. Remember to minimize the stress for yourself and fellow passengers.

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