Ten Photos: Jed the Dog-Bear and the Transition to Society

In early 2013 I was driving along the rural roads of Minnesota, and pulled over onto the shoulder after spotting a mysterious figure. What could it be? I stayed in my vehicle and grasped my iPhone tightly; not to call for help, but to get a picture of the elusive Dog-Bear. Just as I was about to leave, I spotted the monstrosity and it approached me slowly.


I was able to capture the Dog-Bear in order to witness his behavior and record my findings. Force was not necessary as he jumped willingly onto the passenger seat and stared at me with his weird face. The feeling was unsettling and bothered me so much that I changed my mind and let him run free.


As I observed the Dog-Bear, I realized that his story had to be told, and I couldn’t just let him disappear into the land of myth and speculation. It was a unique find and the D.B. continued to look puzzled and unsure how to cope with the strange new world.


Once I returned home it was obvious the Dog-Bear had human qualities. Where did he come from and how did he learn how to shake hands? The natural instinct of the creature was mind-boggling, and I noted my observations in a notebook. It was time to provide the D.B. with a human name. Jed. His name would be Jed.


In the morning Jed would explore the area and find new experiences in nature. He sat in silence for hours and contemplated his new surroundings. What had this Dog-Bear seen? I looked on from my kitchen window and recorded my findings. The story of Jed had to be told.


The long days of summer can be brutal, and the deep concentration of a Dog-Bear can be taxing on not only the mind, but the body as well. The body of Jed twisted and contorted and the snoring filled the room with a deep, booming sound. Occasionally Jed would look up as if he wanted to say something, but returned to his sleep and a new contortion.


Once Jed had regained his strength, the Dog-Bear showed a keen interest in exploring the surrounding woods. I quickly realized that Jed was experiencing trauma and appeared to have flashbacks of his past life. I jotted down my observations in my notebook with fury.


Although I had taken Jed out of the deep wild of Minnesota, I realized that perhaps my location was not prime for a Dog-Bear as it resembled his natural habitat. I recorded this thought in my notebook and also put it on Twitter. Despite the horrible flashbacks and Rip Van Winkle sleeping sessions, the Dog-Bear Jed had found a sense of happiness.


It was soon apparent that Jed required long sessions of deep thought in various locations. A favorite spot of his was Round Lake where the curious Dog-Bear could reflect and come to grips with his past life. My father was stunned by the tremendous Zen-like focus of the Dog-Bear.


It’s been a long journey for Jed, but he has transitioned successfully into society. He roams the woods on occasion, but prefers long naps on the couch and hours of meditation. My work is complete, and I am happy to introduce this Dog-Bear success story to the world.


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