Manolith Asks: The Kenyan Mall Attack Could It Happen in the States?

This week a mall in Kenya became the latest target of terrorists, and the resulting bloodbath and body count begs the question: Could something like that happen here in the United States? Cue The Architect, who, as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U. S. Army Special Forces, is paid to know the answers to these sorts of things.

A few weeks back you mentioned that an effective act of terrorism would be dudes shooting up a mall, and now this thing happens in Kenya. Why doesn’t it happen here in the States? Do terrorists just come here and get distracted by all the strip clubs?

It’s certainly not because they become mesmerized by our degenerate culture and wander off the Jihadist path. It didn’t seem to deter Tamerlin Tsarnev, despite convincing an American woman to don a hijab for him (Oh, remember the Boston Bombing?) Just because the perpetrators were lionized by Rolling Stone magazine doesn’t defray that the attack was conducted by radicalized Muslims. How about the Fort Hood shooting? Despite Obama’s attempt to depict that attack as “workplace violence”, it was an attack by an American Muslim on our military.

I envisioned a mall scenario merely because it is the best place to cause mass casualties. Many of the Kenya Mall attackers came here first to get their citizenship, or were born into it by the unfortunate by product of our 14th Amendment, only to go off to attack a mall in a foreign country. Why? Here is the short answer: it’s easier.

Here’s the long answer: Targets in third world countries are “soft”. Their intelligence apparatus is inept and unable to detect terrorist plots that are being planned or executed. Their security forces are too ill-trained to respond well enough to repulse these attacks, as was observed in Kenya.

These targets still offer the same opportunity to strike back at “The Jew”, still the #1 obsession of all Jihadists, as the mall was owned by Israelis, and other westerners who usually congregate in the one nice place in a country like Kenya.

An attack in a place neighboring to Somalia offers the hope of escape to the attackers, rather than the certain suicide that an attack on a mall in America would be.

Do Americans living abroad face greater dangers from terrorists than they’re made aware of? Or does the State Department do a good job of telling Americans to get the fuck out of Dodge?

The State Department publishes a travel advisory bulletin here.

Notice how it lists basically half the world. It does go into great detail about specific threats in specific regions, and in a world of shitty intelligence is about average. The problem is most Americans are too lazy to bother reading it, and even if they did, can’t trouble themselves to follow some pretty basic security protocols that would keep them safe in a dangerous country. Like, I don’t know, not going to the same goddamned shopping mall that every other white person in the country goes to.

Why aren’t there coordinated attacks by multi-member cells of foreigners here in the States?

I’ve been expecting them for years. I’ve actually witnessed an Arab cab driver from the local airport literally case an entire shopping mall across the street from my house, filming all the entrances to all of the businesses and all of the potential choke points. You can rest assured that most of our major shopping centers have been cased and terrorist organizations have already made plans for attacks.

The problem? Setting a plot into motion requires communication, and as we know all of our communication is monitored, and would likely tip their hand. Attacks may have already been foiled and we’d never know about it, unless President Obama decided to treat us to one of his carefully staged intelligence leaks. There are also informants in many of the local mosques and Arab neighborhoods in the country, making recruitment difficult. As I’ve mentioned before, these attacks require people willing to commit suicide, and rounding up that many suicide attackers for a coordinated attack in the U.S. is just not as easy as it was prior to 9/11.

How safe are we here from mall attacks, car bombs, etc.?

Depends on where you’re at. If you’re in a mall up north, probably not very. Paul Blart the mall cop on his Segway is not going to help you. On the other hand, if you were in a mall in a place like North Carolina or Florida, with many military veterans and other citizens who routinely carry handguns with them, then they may be able to stop an attack in its tracks.

There are reports of a former British Commando who, armed only with a pistol, managed to fend off some of the terrorists at the Kenyan mall and rescue up to 100 people. Now imagine about a dozen of those guys, who you’d likely have to deal with at a mall anywhere within 100 miles of Ft. Bragg.

A car bomb not much can save you from, other than distance, and having something very sturdy next to you when it detonates.

Spec For SAFE

Are Green Berets trained in hostage rescue situations? Obviously, there’s Delta and SEAL Team Six for high-profile stuff, but if a team is the only unit close by, can they kick in doors and rescue civilians?

Army Special Forces’ (a.k.a. “Green Berets”) primary mission is unconventional warfare – the recruitment, training, equipping and employment of proxy guerrilla forces to overthrow governments, with numerous other missions that are secondary. Every SF soldier eventually attends Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC), where he learns how to clear rooms with his team and engage targets at close range with precision. If an ODA were on a Foreign Internal Defense mission somewhere training third-world forces as we often do, and an event occurred nearby, they certainly have the capability to respond, if a Tier 1 asset were not able to be deployed in a timely fashion.

Every SF Group (with the exception of the two National Guard Groups) has what is called a “CIF” (Commander’s In-Extremis Force) company, which is forward deployed in a foreign country. These units are trained and organized along the lines of Tier 1 SOF units and are there solely to respond to attacks on American assets abroad. This is why the debacle in Benghazi was such an outrage to the military community – an SF CIF company was on standby across the Mediterranean, only a short flight away from being able to rescue our besieged Ambassador – although the top brass has demurred to pressure from the administration over the CIF team’s failure to be put into the fight, and seeks to rectify the problem by adding another CIF company, as seen in this article.

There are rumors that the terrorists in Kenya have a Brit woman helping them, and maybe some Americans. How prevalent are foreign terrorist cells with American members?

Yeah, these aren’t exactly corn-fed farm boys from Idaho joining up with Al-Shabab and AQ. These are foreign-born Muslims (or their children) that our country for some reason decides to allow to flow into our country unfettered by any kind of vetting process, who then become radicalized through a network of Salafist mosques in this country, and then sent out into the world to conduct attacks after they have been granted citizenship.

Which leads us to another potential reason why they haven’t attacked in this country yet: the gravy train may finally stop for the immigration process once a group of Somalis slaughter 300 or so Americans at the Mall of America…

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