Five Amazing Photos: ESPN College Gameday In Fargo

Yesterday morning ESPN College Gameday was on the streets of Fargo, North Dakota and yours truly was there to document the event. It was a sunny day on Broadway, and the setup made it easy for everybody to move around and get their crazy on. I purchased the VIP Pre-Game Package (I mean, it was given to me?) for some food and drinks at Monty’s, and the crowd slowly began to fill the area right outside the window. Excitement. Intensity. Enthusiasm. It was a wild crowd, believe that. Wild…wild but respectful. These are five amazing photos from ESPN College Gameday in Fargo.


This gentleman appeared on the scene early on and walked with a supreme confidence that was jarring. The edgy haircut is a bold move, and the flashiness of the mustache was undoubtedly prepared for this special day. Note the generic “football” shirt which is unconfrontational and hip to the general style. The menacing look makes this photo (taken by me) an instant classic and representative of my generation.


The Bison faithful (and the rest of the area) waited patiently for the day’s events and their spectacular display of bladder control was memorable. The legs of concerned individuals shook as more liquids entered the body, however there are times in life when you push the pain below. Wait…no, not that. I was thinking of that Chevelle song. There HGH are times in life when you pray that your bladder doesn’t embarrass you in public.


Feel the energy of this epic game of washer toss. The three hour running time of Gameday can make one want to break free for necessary stretch time, if only briefly, and dazzle the curious eyes of balconies with precision washer tossing. The technical form of the amateurs is inspiring and I felt the need to jump in and allow them to play with a legend. I didn’t though.


It turned out to be a beautiful day in Fargo, and these rambunctious group of characters had a special visit from ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi. The entire Gameday experience was amazing and Fargo put on quite a show not only on Broadway, but also on the gridiron by defeating Delaware State 51-0.


This photo was taken in the parking lot of the FargoDome where thousands of Bison fans tailgated before the big game. The dynamic object on the ground does not require a description. You know what it is. However one may ask themselves what game is being played. Well, that I can’t answer. The power of this moment completely took control of me and I’ll forever wonder if Tecmo Bowl was inside, R.B.I. Baseball or maybe something really cool that I don’t even know about. I have to live with that.

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