Five Questions: Manolith Live From ESPN College Gameday


Are you ready for some football? Manolith’s Quinn Vincent Hough is at ESPN College Gameday in Fargo, North Dakota and will be tweeting live from @manolith. Send those tweets! Here are five questions for Manolith’s College Gameday Saturday:

1. Why is ESPN College Gameday in Fargo, North Dakota?

Oh, come on – you know it’s all about the North Dakota State University Bison football squad. The NDSU Bison are the two-time defending 1-AA national champions, and your man Q is currently on the streets of downtown Fargo ready for action. The question is: when is ESPN NOT in Fargo?

2. Is the city of Fargo just like the movie “Fargo”?

What do you think? How often do you hear of people getting owned by woodchippers? That’s happens all the time, right? Fargo is just across the Red River from Moorhead, Minnesota and the people are most definitely “Minnesota Nice” or “Fargo Friendly”. Movie buffs may recall that Bunny Lebowski from The Big Lebowski was a native of Moorhead, Minnesota. Fun fact: Each year the Fargo Film Buy Viagra Fest holds a bowling tournament called the Bunny Lebowski Pro-Am Invitational. In 2012, Mad Men’s Rich Sommer aka “Harry Crane” apparently dominated the scene. It’s a local legend.

3. Will Q photo-bomb the Gameday hosts?

Of course he will. Photos will be taken and tweeted. Believe that.

4. Why is College Gameday taking place downtown and not at the Fargodome?

This is a sensitive topic for locals. The NDSU campus is a short drive from downtown, but the Bison faithful were hoping to have the ESPN program outside the FargoDome for some good ol’ tailgating. What are the perks of the downtown location? The historic Fargo Theatre, the world-class Hotel Donaldson and the always-evolving downtown scene on Broadway. The residents of Fargo love where they live, and have transformed the downtown area into one of the best places to be in the Midwest.

5. Requests?

What do you want to see? The Top 10 women of Fargo’s College Gameday? Perhaps a consistent number of photo-bombs? Follow @quinnhough and @manolith for all the action.

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