New Zealand Plumber Pranks Brother, Makes Every Faucet a Beer Tap (VIDEO)

Those Kiwis. Are they really as cool as they seem? A few popular names immediately come to mind: Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, Kimbra, Rachel Hunter, Russell Crowe, Rhys Darby, Peter Jackson, Taika Waititi, Karl UrbanLucy Lawless. This list could go on and on.

No. New Zealanders are not as cool as they seem … they’re apparently even cooler.

Here’s some proof.

If you work at a place where they don’t allow you to enjoy the occasional YouTube video, you should probably quit. However, if you like the job, and are just curious about the video, here’s the skinny.

The victim of this prank, Russell Brown, is actually quite the prankster. His brother, Sean Brown, who has many times been the play free online pokies joke-butt of these pranks, decided he’d offer a little something in return.

Being a plumber by trade, Sean enlisted the help of some close friends, as well as New Zealand’s Tui Brewery. Sean and his buddies got into the crawl space of Russell’s house, and tapped every running water source with a beer keg: kitchen faucet, bathroom faucets … even the shower.

So, there’s really no arguing the Kiwi coolness factor, here. To prank people, they tap their entire plumbing system with cold, delicious, locally made beer. Take note, my fellow Americans. Less pranks involving kicks to the groin, or terrifying someone to the point of a heart attack, and more tapping your friends’ plumbing with something from a local microbrewery.

Cheers, Kiwis! You make the world a better place.

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