“Grand Theft Auto V” Living Up to the Hype

Photo via usatoday.com

Photo via usatoday.com

It appears Grand Theft Auto V — arguably the year’s most anticipated new game — is living up to the hype. The game is setting record-breaking review scores around the Interweb, which has analysts predicting that the title will generate roughly $1 billion in retail sales by March 2014.

Grand Theft Auto V is set in Los Santos, a fake city loosely based on real-life Los Angeles. The game stars three characters, all of whom are trying to make their way up the ranks of Los Santos’ criminal underworld. Players can switch between any of these three characters at any time to gain a unique perspective on the game’s massive world.

Hype for GTAV has been building ever since the game was first unveiled last year. Now, review scores suggest the wait was worth it. According to Metacritic, the Xbox 360 version of the game is scoring a 98/100, while the PlayStation 3 version is scoring a 97/100.

That makes Grand Theft Auto V the top-ranked Xbox 360 game of all time. The PS3 version trails only the previous GTA game, Grand Theft Auto IV, by half a percentage point.

Overall, GameRankings.com lists the Xbox 360 version of GTAV the sixth-highest ranked game of all time, behind only Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii), Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3), and Soul Calibur (Dreamcast).

That means the newest GTA outranks some of the best games in history, including Super Mario 64 (N64), Half Life 2 (PC), and Halo (Xbox).

Unsurprisingly, gamers are flocking to pick up GTAV. That’s led analyst Colin Sebastian to predict that GTAV will outpace sales of Grand Theft Auto IV. In the end, it could mean day one sales of $400 million and sales revenue of $1 billion for the game’s first six months of availabilty.

So, have you played the new GTA? Thoughts?

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