Pamela Anderson’s Snapdragon: 20 Years Later

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.54.09 AMCan you believe that it’s been two decades since director Worth Keeter gave us Snapdragon? Who is Worth Keeter, you ask? He may be best known for his acting career, most notably for his method role as “Boy Murdered In Courtroom” from the 1976 classic The Electric Chair. The early 90s was an interesting time for Keeter as he went on to have a long career directing the Power Rangers franchise after the success of Snapdragon. Where is he now? Keeter resurfaced in 2010 with the short film Do Me A Solid starring Todd Bridges.

Where were you when you first heard of Snapdragon? Or perhaps more importantly, what came first – Baywatch or Snapdragon? If you were born in 1980 like myself, then you know the answer. Baywatch premiered in 1992 and the world was introduced to C.J. Parker and her red swimsuit. By 1993, the idea of a devious amnesiac named Felicity had already taken control of Worth Keeter, and he realized that a psycho-sexual thriller had to be made.

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What is the cinematic link between Al Pacino and Pamela Anderson? Drumroll…Steven Bauer. Yes, Manny Ribera from the 1983 classic Scarface. When Worth Keeter was organizing his master plan for Snapdragon, the name of Steven Bauer came up and Mr. Keeter knew he had found Dr. David “Doc” Hoogstraten.

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If you look on IMDB, you will see that Snapdragon has a user rating of 3.5. Fair? Perhaps, but the world recognizes the true power of our generation’s ultimate sex symbol. Back in ’93 on the pre-internet streets of Minnesota, there was talk amongst my friends about what lingered in video stores and on Cinemax. “Hey, did ya hear? I’m tellin’ ya, C.J. Parker is in a movie called Snapdragon!” Could this be true? What’s the next step?

I laid in bed and tried to process this new information. Snapdragon. Soon I found myself in a video store with four VHS tapes in my hand. I was one short of the 5-5-5 deal and couldn’t give up. Where was it? I turned around slowly and was blinded by the power of Snapdragon cover art…I had found it.

5-5-5. Bike ride. VHS. VCR. Snapdragon.

I clicked “play” and saw a C.J. Parker I had never seen before.

Years later I met Pamela Anderson at the old Virgin Megastore on Hollywood Boulevard. In fact it was the same day when Sacha Baron Cohen put a bag over her head in the 2006 film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Pamela was there for a special Baywatch promotion (which was featured in Borat) and as I waited in line I thought about glorious films of my youth such as Snapdragon, Raw Justice and Barb Wire. By the time I met Pamela Anderson there was only one thing to say:

We need to talk about Snapdragon 2.

Let the Snapdragon soundtrack guide you through your day.

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