NFL Week 2 Suggests League Parity is Better Than Ever

Photo credit: Steven Bisig/USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Steven Bisig/USA TODAY Sports

Equality. It’s what everyone wants in life, right? And for the football addicts that we are in the United States of America, we want to see that equality applied to the gridiron as well.

We’ve heard it time and time again about the NFL: On any given Sunday… Oliver Stone even titled a so-so movie with a short version of the phrase. It’s a simple suggestion that the talent across the league is so good, any team has the ability to beat another, regardless of which team is favored.

There are always some shocking upsets that lend evidence to the “any given Sunday” scenario, but in past seasons, the upper echelon teams have always been easier to pick. This year, it seems that every squad generally likes what they’re putting on the field, and believe they have a chance to win every game.

OK, OK. Not every squad has a chance to realistically win every game, and play toward post-season, but there are fewer teams to discount this season than there have been in the past.

Considering the tip-top: Denver looks pretty dominant. Peyton “Never Gonna Play Again” Manning, is clearly as good as he’s ever been, and looks like he could play another five seasons.

Seattle looked great vs. San Francisco; however, they looked somewhat suspect in week one vs. Carolina.

San Francisco looked dominant in week one vs. Green Bay, but it seems Pete Carroll simply has Jim Harbaugh’s number. Will San Fran rebound? Um, yeah.

And how about the Packers? They’re going to score, and be scored on. And if the defense improves ever-so-slightly?

Did the Saints really go to 2-0 because of their defense?

And considering a few teams most familiar with the word suck:

Arizona looks to be developing some chemistry.

St. Louis almost handed Atlanta an 0-2 start, before falling to 1-1 themselves.

Miami is boasting a new identity, and sitting at 2-0.

There’s reportedly a lot of drama in the Tampa Bay locker room, and some serious discipline issues on the field, but their defense is vicious. Drew Brees fantasy owners will agree with this sentiment.

Philadelphia could put up 1,000 yards, and win by 50, or struggle defensively and lose like they did to San Diego.

Nobody is really talking about Kansas City, but they’re a playoff team … a wildcard team, most likely, but playoffs, no doubt. Take that to the bank.

Miami. Buffalo. New England. Write ’em into the mix. And you can’t count out Washington, Dallas or the New York Giants. We’ve seen what the annoying NFC East teams do when they put things together mid-season.

There are so many more teams worth mentioning, but present records aren’t the point. The point is in the league parity: it’s better than it has ever been.

Revel in it, fans. By Thanksgiving, we could looking at one of the most fascinating, how-the-hell-does-this-tie-breaker-work, playoff pictures in NFL history.

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