Five Questions: Sons Of Anarchy “One One Six” (SPOILERS)

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Tuesday night’s episode of SOA, One One Six, was named after Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 about the consistency of love through difficult times. After the end of last week’s episode, it’s difficult to say where Jax stands with Tara, and karma might just come back and kick him in his SAMCRO ass, courtesy of Mrs. SAMCRO herself. Here are five questions for One One Six:

How messed up is Lee Toric?

The former U.S. Marshal (Donal Logue) is on a warpath to take down Jax Teller and SAMCRO, but how far will he go? Is it me or does Toric look like a professional wrestler turned actor? We have slowly learned about the looming dark side of Mr. Toric through his display of phenomenal self-babble skils and long, gazing stares. LT has now crossed a professional line by forging the John Hancock of Clay and will no doubt feel the wrath of Jax and the boys. According to internet buzz, the beginning of next Tuesday’s episode will be deeply disturbing and show the true mental turmoil of Toric.

What happened to nice ol’ Juice?

Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz (Theo Rossi) has made his fair share of mistakes as a member of SAMCRO. The look in his eyes this season is Manson-like, and he shocked SOA fans by killing Dorvany, the girlfriend of Arcadio (Dave Navarro).

After the young son of Dorvany murdered four people in a school shooting, she was kindly asked to get out of Dodge and take refuge at another chapter of SAMCRO. In a moment of fear and despair, Dorvany picked up a shotgun and tried to escape, however this less-than-wise decision ended up in the death of Arcadio. When Jax Teller and the “new “ Juice are within sight, it’s big no-no to mess with the well-being of SAMCRO. Juiceman? What’s up with you?

Is Jax Teller the new Walter White?

JT walks with the same ol’ SAMCRO limp, sports a head Generic Levitra of slicked back hair that would impress Pat Riley, and owns the Walter White Fu Manchu with a slight beard variation. Despite the same appearance on the outside, is he changing into a complete monster on the inside?

Jax Teller walks the walk, talks that talk as well and is more manipulative and dangerous than ever. Look at what he’s done to Juice. The J-man is scared shitless. Look what he did to poor Tara (Maggie Siff; looking good BTW) in the season premiere? Tara is scared shitless. Jax always has grand visions of walking the line and living a legally legit life, but always comes up with some excuse, which is now the death of Opie. JT feels that he can’t just walk away when his buddy died through the madness of SAMCRO. Would it all be worth it to leave now? How about your family, Jax? Get it together, son! I’m sick of this shit, man, I really am.

Will the Irish survive this season of blood?

Jax was stern but fair with Galen O’Shay by insisting that SAMCRO would no longer deal guns. The Irishman stared and smiled mockingly at the Jaxman as he explained the finer points of power, and slyly stated that JT would be getting a shipment whether his ass liked it or not. What a dirty game.

Will every episode end with a shot of Jax’s SOA back tattoo as he enjoys the company of a woman in bed?

Last week it was the prostitute, and this week it was Jax’s baby momma. What made the situation even worse was that he playing 2Pac’s “I Get Around” on his iPad. Ok, that didn’t happen but you couldn’t tell because of the outro music. The final scene of Tuesday’s episode was poignant in that it demonstrated how close a couple can be yet separated by a world of distrust and fear.

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  1. Jimmy O’Phelan?? That guy’s dead – you mean Galen!