The Best and Worst of Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez

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Well Floyd, you proved me wrong. The world of boxing saw a true champion in action on Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather Jr. improved to 45-0 with a majority decision over the previously undefeated, 23-year-old Canelo Alvarez. Here are a few thoughts about the good, the bad and the ugly of the night’s events.

Boxing On The Big Screen


The boxing match of the year was shown in over 550 theaters, and I met up with my brother and nephew to check out the action. When I arrived at the theatre, I whipped out my monthly movie passport and smiled at the girl in the ticket office. Boom. Look at that. $25? No, run it through your machine and let me in. $2.50, you say? Now we’re talkin’.

“Hmm, can I see some ID?”, she says to me. ID? It’s me, Q, the guy that comes here to see every movie. ID? C’mon now! I texted my brother and told him he would have to fork over 25 smackers. Candy bars were in the pocket (preparation) and a Red Bull in the hand. Yes. The theater was relatively empty at first, but filled up quickly as the fights began. The crowd wasn’t too rowdy but definitely enjoyed being able to kick back and talk while watching some boxing on the big screen.

The Undercard

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Two out of three ain’t bad. Other than a snoozer between Ishe Smith, the former winner of The Contender, and Carlos Molina, the other two fights were excellent. Pablo Cesar Cano and Ashley Theophane opened the night with an old fashioned rumble that Cano won by split decision. My early bet was on Theophane, who was sporting an amazing Tupac “Thug Life” abdomen tattoo, but Cano proved to be a warrior and never let up. The theater had several cliques of boxing fans, and it was hilarious to hear the moans, groans and people yelling at the screen.

In the last fight of the undercard, Danny Garcia defended his junior welterweight title against the hard-hitting Lucas Matthysse. Garcia (27-0) is an intriguing fighter as he is clinical but has knockout power as well. His opponent Matthysse is just plain filthy; out of thirty-four career victories, thirty-two have come by knock out. Garcia started off slow but picked up the pace after his trainer (and father) told him to “wake the fuck up”. From then on, Garcia was able to wear down Matthysse whose left eye had swollen shut by round six. With all due respect to Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, the highlight of the night was the performance of Lucas Matthysse. The Argentine spent half of the fight with one eye, and continued to battle Garcia without letting up whatsoever. It was an Arturo Gatti-like moment and Matthysse proved to be classy in defeat with his post-fight comments.

Mayweather’s Introduction

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What the hell was this all about? What happened to the long, slow introduction walk to a classic 80s jam or something by DMX? Ok, I have absolutely no problem with Lil’ Wayne, but I couldn’t hear a word he said. This is problematic when he is difficult to understand to being with. Perhaps the experience was different for those at the MGM Theatre and the whole crowd was on their feet fist-pumping and just loving it. I might have missed that. What I didn’t miss what the individual on Mayweather’s left. WTF? Why? What is the relationship between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber? Where are Floyd’s friends?

“Hey guys, you have to check out my intro. It’s going to be yours truly, Weezy…and, well just guess. That’s right. Bieber!”

I really want to go back in time and hear this conversation. I believe the correct term for this friend-fail is “Group Think” (see Bay of Pigs).

The Main Event

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This was the Big Daddy boxing event of the year. You have Mayweather, the premiere boxer of his generation, and Canelo Alvarez, the future of boxing. I think most fans expected the fight to go the distance, and the only question was whether Canelo could get close enough for a knockout. I was surprised to see a pre-fight interview with Rosie Perez (yep, from White Men Can’t Jump) who seemed to think Canelo might find a way to win. In fact, that was the opinion of most analysts. Floyd would be on point, no doubt, but the young red-haired Mexican had a 15-pound advantage by the time both fighters rehydrated.

The end result was classic Mayweather: Canelo couldn’t reach him. Floyd looked better than ever which came as a surprise since he’s thirty-six years old. Canelo Alvarez is a top-notch fighter, but proved to be too young and inexperienced. Mayweather is in an another class and I’m not sure who can touch him at this point in his career. Of course everybody wanted to see a fight with Pacquiao, but the next in line could be Danny Garcia, who fought on the undercard. Canelo had chances tonight, but couldn’t quite capitalize on his opportunities. Blame it on the youth. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a true master of his craft.

Oh yeah, there was this reaction from Mayweather when the score cards were read.

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