Sony Pictures’ New RoboCop Looking Pretty Awesome In First Official Poster

Sony Pictures has released its first official movie poster for the upcoming remake of favorite 1980s action franchise RoboCop. As you can see, the Detroit-based part-robot, part-man superhero has been given a serious makeover.

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The new RoboCop takes place in the year 2028. The plot surrounds OmniCorp, a multinational corporation and world leader in the research and development of robot technology.

In the past, OmniCorp’s products have been used primarily in distant combat zones. But as the movie begins the company is moving to unleash their controversial devices on America.

That’s where Alex Murphy — played by The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman — comes in. He’s your typical (???) Detroit white guy — a loving husband, dad, and crime-fighting cop who’s bent on reducing corruption in his city’s police force.

When Murphy is seriously injured on the job, OmniCorp proposes turning him into the ultimate crime-fighting machine: a part-man, part-cyborg police officer.

RoboCop also stars Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Aimee Garcia. It’s directed by the relatively unknown Jose Padilha, whose most prominent work to date is the import Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

RoboCop is set to hit theaters on February 7, 2014.

So, how radical is the change from the 1980s RoboCop? Check out the comparison below.

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