Six Things to Take Away From Week 1 of the NFL Season

Photo credit: Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

A few things to take away from week one of the 2013 NFL season.

Chip Kelly is an offensive genius

It has been a long time since the NFL has enjoyed something so fresh as Chip Kelly‘s run and gun, modified spread offense. Everyone had an opinion as to whether the offensive schemes and pace could possibly translate to the NFL. I think we have our answer. What’s a little bit crazy … the fact that the Eagles didn’t execute very well at times. The unit seemed to get a dose of their own reality, and an understanding that they need some more conditioning work. This offense only gets more complex, and more awesome to watch.

Norv Turner was a terrible head coach

San Diego was a surprise during the preseason, but everyone wanted to see how they would handle a legitimate, week one opponent like Houston. We can all agree that the Chargers more than held their own — they probably should have won the game. Regardless, the identity of this team is the polar opposite of Norv Turner‘s crap-ravel we’d seen on the field for the past few seasons. Turner was terrible. He seems like a nice enough guy, but, c’mon, he’s clueless as the captain. During his tenure, the Chargers were the most underachieving team in the NFL. After seeing one game under the new coaching regime, it was obvious to me that Turner was as bad as I thought he was.

Jacksonville should offer Tim Tebow a contract right now

Sweet mercy, how bad are the Jaguars? Not to take anything away from a much improved Kansas City offense, but Jacksonville is terrible. Blaine Gabbert is a football-playing enigma. The guy has all the tools, so why can’t he figure out how to use them? The only positive for him is that he reminds me of a young Alex Smith. That said, if the Jags want people to stay in the seats, and buy a ton of fan gear, there’s only one man who can bridge the gap: Timothy Richard Tebow.

Colin Kaepernick is scary good

I’ve been watching this kid faithfully since his playing days at Nevada, and there’s no arguing that he was incredibly underrated during his college career. He was easily the steal of his draft class. If you’re a 49ers fan, you’re in love with what he’s offering at present, and you’re beside yourself thinking about how good he could be in another few years. The best thing about Colin Kaepernick? He gets better as the game goes on.

The New England Patriots look tired

All good things come to an end. It’s a fact of life. The Tom Brady-led New England Patriots have obviously lost a step, and are a far cry from the dominant squad they once were. The team went through a hellish off-season, Captain Brady is trying to develop chemistry with new go-to guys and the team is patiently hoping to overcome injuries to key players. It’s a recipe for frustration and mediocrity, and it’s also a signal that the best has probably come and gone. Sure, this team has the potential to win every game, but its certainly not a team that you look at and think “Super Bowl!”

Terrelle Pryor is exciting, but he won’t win many games

I genuinely feel for Matt Flynn. He keeps getting out-scrambled for a starting job in the NFL. Watching one preseason game (Raiders v. Saints), and it was obvious to me that Terrelle Pryor had to be the starter for the 2013 season. The Raiders offensive line is awful. The receivers, as a unit, are inexperienced. The running backs are a mixed bag of potential over performance. There is no way Matt Flynn, or any accurate pocket passer, could sustain a drive surrounded by 10 dudes of uncertainty. So, enjoy watching TP scramble, Raiders fans. Enjoy the probable victory in week two vs. Jacksonville. And enjoy coming back down to earth the following Monday Night when John Fox has two weeks of game video to prepare for Pryor in Denver.

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