Dennis Rodman Will Train North Korean Basketball Team for 2016 Olympics

Photo via Herald Sun

Photo via Herald Sun

Former NBA great, Dennis Rodman has agreed to train the North Korean national basketball team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This development of WTF suggests that the exceptionally tall and athletic variants of the North Korean community will soon have the opportunity to become great rebounders, while distinctly lacking the ability to score points in a proficient manner.

Rodman spent time in North Korea last week, rekindling the spark with his friend, the oddly jovial North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong may claim to loathe the influence of the United States of America, but he certainly loves one of our most unique exports. It begs the question: Does the supreme leader really hate all western influence, or does he secretly love it?

Dennis Rodman presents a slice of everything America has to offer. I’d think some dictatorial love for “The Worm” would equate to a general love for a lot of American culture. Then again, there’s that whole “American Imperialism” thing the North Korean government is stilled pissed about from the 1950s.

Regarding basketball, Rodman agreed to train the North Korean ballers, and he also plans to set up exhibition games in North Korea, featuring former NBA players. I can imagine the roster now: Adam Morrison, Kwame Brown, Mateen Cleaves, Hasheem Thabeet, Darko Milicic, Michael Olowokandi and coming off the bench for some veteran leadership, Lamar Odom and the legendary Bill Walton.

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