Sony Announces Sub-$100 PlayStation Vita TV System

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Sony has unveiled a new, compact (6 x 10cm) device that allows PlayStation 4 users to stream content to a second television.

Sony announced PlayStation Vita TV this morning. The firm says the device will cost less than $100 USD when it goes on sale in Japan this November. The firm didn’t say when Vita TV would go on sale in North America, however.

The Vita TV will reportedly serve two main functions.

First, it will allow users to stream video content available through the upcoming PlayStation 4 to other televisions in a household.

For example, if you’ve got a PS4 connected to your TV in the living room but want to watch streamed video on a television in your bedroom, you can set the Vita TV system up on that second TV. That will save you from having to move your PlayStation 4 all over the house.

Second, Vita TV buyers will also be able to use the device to play PlayStation Vita, PSP, and PSone games on a big-screen television. Because there are about 1,300 PSP, Vita, and PSone games out there, that means there will be a substantial number of titles available when the system is launched.

Sony says gamers will need to use a PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 3 controller with the Vita TV. Unfortunately, it seems a Vita TV-Dual Shock bundle will cost more than $100.

Looking down the road, Sony says that a future update could allow users to stream PlayStation 4 games to a second television using the Vita TV.

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