New ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ Available for iPhone, iPad

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Can’t wait for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Then it might be worth checking out Activision’s new shooter for the iOS platform, Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Strike Team is a first- and third-person shooter, which sets it apart from most other Call of Duty games since they tend to focus on using the first-person perspective exclusively. Strike Team is available for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPod Touch (5th generation).

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation) are reportedly not supported.

Activision says it built Strike Team “from the ground up” with handheld devices in mind.

The game is just $7 but, like console versions of Call of Duty, it offers players a wide variety of customization options. Gamers can choose all of their squad’s loadouts and abilities before ever stepping foot on the battlefield.

Gamers can also choose from Campaign and Survival game modes.

The game’s story remains a little fuzzy. Activision says it’s set in the year 2020, when the United States is attacked by an “unknown enemy.” Riiight.

In any case, this should make the bus ride home feel just a little quicker.

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