Ten Thoughts I Had While Looking At Instagram

1. “Wow, that person is really a hash tag.”

Although I am not hip to the “Followers” game (I only have 161), my opinion is that too much hash tagging is bad for the soul. I understand the concept as a few extra “likes” come my way when I get my hash tag on, but does there really have to be twenty?

2. “Who are these people on the explore tab?”

You might see LeBron James at a club or you might see a college girl frolicking in the woods. How does one reach this promised land of Instagram? Maybe it is all about the hash tagging?

Photo courtesy of Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Photo courtesy of Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

3. “Keep your profile simple.”

There is no need for a clusterfuck of information here. Describe yourself and stay clear of clever life quotes.

4. “Please post more videos, Bar Refaeli.”

The new fifteen-second video component was recently added to Instagram, and suddenly I wasn’t just looking at hot pictures of @barrefaeli, I was watching video of her in spandex working out. Hey, I didn’t post it. She did.

Photo courtesy of Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Photo courtesy of Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

5. “Am I a bad person for following feeds that make fun of people?”

Example: @jaygiampietro. I came across this amazing feed through a friend and all he posts are pictures of awkward-looking people on the streets of New York City. It’s hilarious and must-see.

6. “What’s the best filter?”

This is a question for those who really care about their photos and aim to create professional quality images to post on a website that sells stock photos. If you do want to add a little style to your photo then you definitely want to go with Lo-Fi or Brannan. I don’t even know what the last five are but they suck.

7. “Does anyone use the ‘Following’ section unless you really want to see what someone is liking aka subtly stalk them?”

This section is great for finding new types of people to follow, but it also lists every single picture that is liked by the people you follow. It’s is a goldmine for jealous girlfriends everywhere, so watch out fellas.

Fat cat SAFE

8. “Now that’s a fat pussycat!”

Instagram is flooded with cats, dogs and all kinds of animals but there are some hilarious feeds out there. I don’t necessarily need to watch video of talking cats and surfing squirrels (I can go to YouTube for that) but I certainly appreciate a photo of an awkward-looking obese cat or a scruffy homeless dog. Please see @jimenahoyos for the latter.

9. “Nature is pretty fucking cool.”

My Instragram experience began by following my friends, but now my feed is full of photos from photographers across the globe. Screw the filters; just show me some amazing pictures of places I might want to visit. Some excellent feeds to follow are @worksology, @mustafaseven and @seyzilmaz.

10. “Kate Upton’s feed has the most hilarious comments!”

Just take a look. @kateupton

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