Microsoft Surface Price Drops Are Here to Stay

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Microsoft says it has no plans to change the price of its Surface tablet computers. The devices recently received some hefty price cuts that, for a time, appeared temporary.

First, Microsoft says it will make the $100 price cut on its powerful Surface Pro laptop permanent. That means consumers interested in the entry-level Surface Pro, which features a speedy Intel Core i5 processor and a 64GB solid state drive, can get one for $800. Upgrading to the Surface Pro with 128GB memory costs an additional $100.

Microsoft will also reportedly maintain the price cut on its less powerful Surface RT tablet. The price of that device, which features an ARM processor and 32GB memory, was slashed $150 last month, from $500 to $349. A 64GB version costs $450.

Even Surface peripherals are getting a hefty and permanent price cut. Microsoft has cut $40 from the price of the Touch Cover Keyboard, meaning it will now retail for $79 instead of about $120.

It’s good news for consumers looking for an iPad alternative. And while Microsoft is losing money on the Surface post-price cut, the move is helping the firm establish a real presence in the competitive tablet market.

Recent studies show that since Microsoft first introduced the Surface price cuts, use of the devices has increased roughly 30% worldwide.

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2 Responses to Microsoft Surface Price Drops Are Here to Stay

  1. Leissure suit Larry says:

    It is time for Steve Balmer to pee in the bottle. He’s been on something really strange.

    The Nokia deal cinches it. Totally irrational. Combining two companies that have lost their way. Not since the Studebaker Packard merger have we seen such idiocy.

    The Surface RT/ Surface RT/ Windows 8 debacle was pretty sad. This is worse T^he chip pile is shrinking. Chapter 11 is predictable.

    Say goodnight Steve. You (we) need a break

  2. This is the only site on the Internet still reporting about the Surface.