Critics Say ‘Meh’ to ‘Madden 25’

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We’ve now enjoyed a quarter-century of Madden NFL football. To celebrate, EA has released a special 25th anniversary edition of its super-popular sports title. Unfortunately, critics suggest it’s no major improvement on the last Madden game, or even the several Madden games before that.

Like its predecessors, Madden 25 comes loaded with a wide variety of gameplay modes. Most gamers will want to try out the new Connected Franchise mode, which allows players to customize virtually anything and everything about their favorite NFL team. Gamers can set ticket prices, upgrade their stadiums and adjust their star players’ training regimens.

Of course, gamers can also play a more straightforward season mode and they’ll want to check out the online modes, which allow players to compete with the world’s best Madden fans.

So, what has critics shrugging?

Well, all of these gameplay modes have been available for years, meaning Madden 25 is basically just Madden 14. The only significant change to the gameplay involves the addition of a Precision mode for the running game, which allows players to perform special moves when carrying the ball.

EA has also reportedly made improvements to Madden‘s physics engine, meaning jukes, tackles and other critical moves look more realistic than they have in the past.

Still, a new running feature and slightly improved physics are nothing to write home about. That’s why the Xbox 360 version of Madden 25 has a score of 81 on Metacritic, while the PlayStation 3 version scores a 74. Those are good, but certainly not great, ratings.

Of course, we’re talking about current-gen versions of Madden 25. It’s possible the next-gen versions available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — which will be available when those consoles launch in November — will bring us a few more reasons to upgrade from Madden 13.

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