Nerds Rejoice! ‘Star Wars’ Reboot to Be Shot on 35mm Film

Star Wars original series posterThe more I hear about Star Wars rebooting, the more I like the sound of it.

Star Wars Episode VII is going to be shot on 35mm, according to director of photography Daniel Mindel. That’s right, 35mm — which means it will have the look and feel of a real 1970s movie.

If you’re like me and have been sitting in darkened theaters wondering why CGI landscapes and magical creatures have supplanted matte paintings and creepy puppets, this is thrilling news.

Star Wars is an incredible property: George Lucas has been fiddling with it for as long as some people have been alive. It’s the only movie sitting at the top of the all-time gross earnings chart (adjusted for inflation) whose creator has gone back and changed it repeatedly. Imagine if they tried to CGI more Confederacy into Gone With the Wind. Insane, right?

Which makes it surprising that earlier in the year, everyone was up in arms about Disney accumulating childhood memories like some kind of demon from an ’80s horror movie. In the last few years, they’ve absorbed Marvel, and now Star Wars, into their illustrious mouse folds.

Onlookers have wondered whether the quality of Disney properties was going to slip with time or remain up to old standards.

So what do we know about the Star Wars reboot? Episode VII will focus on characters, feature a ’70s film look and use models instead of CGI. Seems like old standards have prevailed.

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2 Responses to Nerds Rejoice! ‘Star Wars’ Reboot to Be Shot on 35mm Film

  1. Ernie Oporto says:

    Technically it’s not a reboot. The same story from Ep 1-6 are being continued in 7 and onward.

    • Good call, Bueno. I was actually at the ASC breakfast when cinematographer Dan Mindel let the news leak. It was a pretty magical moment for all we nerds there. He was asked “What he was shooting,” and instead of letting the cat out of the bag he said, “Kodak 5219” … the film stock. Then he went on to say “Star Wars” … I peed a little.