Robert Griffin III Hit With $10,000 Fine for “Unauthorized Apparel”

Photo credit: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell is hard at work ensuring the integrity of the NFL.

No other commissioner has ever feigned such a sincere interest in player safety, and no other commissioner has levied fines against players for some of the stupidest stuff imaginable.

Most recently, the league, courtesy of Grand Executor Goodell, levied a fine of $10,000 against Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III for wearing unauthorized apparel.

You read $10,000 and you think Griffin must have done something pretty outrageous to score such a large fine. Nah. He just wore a t-shirt with his post-surgery mantra, Operation Patience, printed across the front.

Such a t-shirt would likely have been fine if it were manufactured by league apparel partner Nike, but the shirt in question was a sweaty, non-league-sanctioned piece of custom apparel. League rules stipulate you must be in authorized apparel when warming up in an NFL stadium in view of a crowd or TV camera.

This isn’t the first time RGIII has been slapped with an apparel fine. Last season he showed up to a post-game interview sporting Adidas clothing. This was a no-no and breach of the league’s contract with Nike.

Griffin won’t be seeing any game action during the preseason as he continues to heal and get stronger from his ACL replacement surgery, but it would be nice to see him find a loophole in the apparel policy and stick one back to the league. How about taking a black marker and writing Operation Patience on the back of some league-authorized apparel?

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