You Might Consider Pulling a LeBron James and Shaving Your Head

Photo via Business Insider

Photo via Business Insider

This article isn’t really about LeBron James cropping his hair all the way to the scalp. It’s about so much more than LeBron James. It might be about you. In fact, it’s definitely about you if you’re dealing with a hairline that’s receded almost as much as the American economy over the past six years.

LeBron has finally recognized that as amazing as life is — especially for him — there are certain things that remain inevitable. 1. Haters gonna hate. 2. Biology may bless you, but it can also curse you. All in all, a receding hairline isn’t a bad trade off for a 6’9″, 260 lb. frame.

Sure, there are things we dudes can use to generate a few more follicles, but when you’re gonna wear your hair really short anyway, why not cut it off?

That’s exactly what Mr. James did, and it’s a great look for him. He looks younger. I’m gonna go out on a risk-free limb and suggest it’s also going to lead to an NBA three-peat. Yes, because of the fresh look and only because of the fresh look.

So, now let’s talk about you. If you’re cool with what hair you have left, that’s great. On the other hand, if you’re frustrated when you look in the mirror and find yourself saying things like, “Damn, I’m losing my hair,” consider copying LeBron.

Then when people ask you if you wanna play some pick-up basketball, you can honestly state, “I have similarities to players like LeBron James and Michael Jordan.”

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