Watch A-Rod Get Beaned in Beantown (VIDEO)

You saw it coming several weeks ago, even before Alex Rodriguez was placed back on the Yankees active roster — you knew someone was gonna throw at him. How appropriate that the intentional bean ball was finally delivered Sunday night in Boston.

The Yankees and Red Sox fan bases hate each other. If there were a word to suggest a stronger disdain, I’d use it. Either way, there’s not a whole lot of class displayed by the fan bases of either team … ever.

Regardless of the rivalry, what happened last night in Boston was deplorable. The video of the incident is disgusting. It’s almost as bad as Rodriguez being able to avoid his PED-related suspension with the appeals process offered through the Players’ Association and MLB’s collective bargaining agreement. It’s all crap.

Ryan Dempster is just another example of what’s wrong with baseball. An MLB starting pitcher who can’t hit a dude standing 6’3″ and weighing 225 lbs.? Really? Then again, what would you expect from a former Chicago Cubs ace?

If you’re gonna hit the guy, then hit him! You can’t throw three inside pitches to the delight of bloodthirsty fans, then bean a guy on the fourth. That just makes you look like a petulant child and makes your fans look and sound like absolute sociopaths.

Now let’s add a dash of Boston Red Sox fans offering chants of “You’re a cheater,” during the same at-bat. Really, Red Sox fans? How soon you forget. The biggest names on the Sox 2004 and 2007 championship rosters were rocking the very same PED boat as A-Rod. Three and four hole hitters Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were both listed as failing tests in 2003.

I’m no Alex Rodriguez apologist. Quite the opposite. But a word to the wise, Boston: It’s never a good idea to piss off a man who has absolutely nothing to lose. Like most things, the idiocy came out in the wash. Dempster gave up seven, including a solo home run to Rodriguez.

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