‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Multiplayer Revealed — And It’s Insane (VIDEO)

If you think Ghosts sounds crazy for having women soldiers and guard dogs running around, then you’re going to be blown away by Rockstar’s plans for its Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer.

Rob a bank with your crew in GTA Online

Credit: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer world is called GTA Online. It will be a free, downloadable content add-on for GTAV, which comes out September 17.

Once it’s downloaded and installed on your system, GTA Online will give you access to a free-roaming world you’ll share with 16 other players. Rockstar’s matchmaking system, which determines who you play with, considers several factors, including skill level and people on your friends list. Because you’ll be working with other players to execute missions — like pulling off a bank heist — it’s critical this matchmaking system gives you help from people that match your playing style and abilities.

Anything can happen while you’re online with other people. You can start a race with someone only to slam head-on into a police cruiser chasing another player. You can work with other players to rob a bank, but don’t be surprised if one of them takes off with all  the loot. (Don’t worry, you can hire a hitman to track them down.)

Because many of the missions require teamwork, GTA Online will be a lot more fun for people with gamer friends. But like the single-player game, there should be enough to do (and enough mayhem to cause) to keep lone wolves pleased.

Like Call of Duty and Battlefield, GTA Online rewards players. In this case, you can save up cash for purchasing customized weapons, vehicles and houses. There are even plans to open up an online stock market that will allow players to invest in various companies.

Players also bank experience called RP, or reputation points. Like Call of Duty‘s perks, these can be used to change the momentum of a mission. For example, you could evade the cops by calling in a devastating airstrike.

The only bad news: GTA Online won’t be available right out of the gates. Rockstar says players will have to wait until October 1 to download the add-on.

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