Watch NY Mets LaTroy Hawkins Take a Hard Shot Off the Nuggets (GIFs)

LaTroy Hawkins Took A Ball In The Nuts And It Was The Worst Thing Ever“It was a direct hit—no cup. When I lifted my leg, I could feel my balls in my throat.” – LaTroy Hawkins

If there’s one thing that sucks worse than playing for the Mets, it’s playing for the Mets and getting hammered in the junk by a one-hopper. That’s exactly what happened to MLB journeyman LaTroy Hawkins last night against the red-hot Los Angeles Dodgers.

At least Hawkins can say he really understands how it feels to be a Mets fan, and we applaud him for offering the best baseball quote of the year.

But this begs the question: Don’t baseball players wear cups?

Actually, not all professional baseball players wear protection. This is especially true of pitchers. Protective cups are awkward during the repeated pitching motion, so many pitchers elect to keep their boys high and tight, but with nothing shielding them from an unexpected attack.

Not wanting to leave the game after getting hammered in the soft spot, Hawkins suggested to manager Terry Collins that he could work through it. As you’d suspect, he gave up a game-tying home run to the very next batter. It looked like this.

LaTroy Hawkins Took A Ball In The Nuts And It Was The Worst Thing Ever

Poor LaTroy. As the ball left the stadium, I imagine him thinking, “Man, my nuts hurt.”

Here’s what Hawkins had to tweet after the game.


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