BoooTube: A Handy Collection of the Web’s Worst Videos

Gawkers are the bane of all drivers. You know them. They’re those people who slow down and carefully inspect an accident, thereby backing up traffic for miles without actually doing anything helpful.

Thing is, we’ve all been guilty of gawking at some point or another, mostly because it can be really hard to ignore something as brutal as a traffic accident. Sometimes it’s hard to look away, and it only gets harder when the image is particularly revolting.

BoooTube logo

That may be why everyone is talking about BoooTube, a site critics are calling a “showcase of everything wrong with the Internet.” It’s basically a collection of the Internet’s worst train wrecks — videos so bad you simply have to watch them.

Specifically, they’re the most down-voted videos on YouTube. It’s mostly a collection of awful national anthem performances, brutal political campaign ads (ugh, Rick Perry) and completely terrible music videos (yep, Rebecca Black is in there).

It’s a great idea, since most of these videos are, in fact, so bad they’re great. It really is surprisingly enjoyable watching the Xbox One unveiling knowing full well it was this moment — this very moment — that may have sunk Microsoft’s next-gen console before its release.

It doesn’t get any worse better than this.

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