Why Is It Less Creepy When Tom Brady Has a Wandering Eye? (VIDEO)

For Tom Brady, there’ll never be enough. He’s just that guy.

He’s got championships, endorsement deals, touchdown passes thrown to an alleged murderer, a long list of lovely ladies from his past to help bolster the trophy wife of the present … what else could the guy want? How about a little sideline action with one of the New England Patriots training staff?

Ironically, Touchdown Tommy offers the very same sequence of expressions when he’s on the field, reads a cornerback blitz and realizes he’s about to score an easy six.

Though it seems obvious Tom’s enjoying the pass-by of a young lass, it could very well be misconstrued. Someone off-screen could have been talking in an animated fashion with their hands, distracting the perennial Pro-Bowler, then they might have asked, “Hey man, you wanna grab some lobster after this preseason crap?”

Whatever this is, it’s hilarious, because it’s Tom Brady, and only because it’s Tom Brady. Tom Brady is a good looking guy who lots of women would probably love to have sex with, making it a kind of a “whatevs” issue.

But if it were someone else? Say,  a Ben Roethlisberger-type? C’mon … we’d have a completely different situation on our hands. Roger Goodell would have to hold a press conference to quell the flaming disdain against the chauvinistic neanderthals who play in the league.

I’m sure Tom has suggested to Giselle that he was just doing anything he could to stay awake on the sideline. He doesn’t really care about watching preseason football, or even who makes the team, so long as they’re running the right routes and catching the ball when he throws it in their direction.

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