Lightning Hits Car, Recharges Smartphones (VIDEO)

Photo credit: ollyy /

Photo credit: ollyy /

It’s hard to find the upside of getting hit by lightning. But here’s one benefit of having the guy upstairs zap your car — it’ll recharge any smartphones or handheld gaming devices that might be traveling with you.

The Morlock family was driving in a brutal thunderstorm in southern Utah when one member of the family, Taylor, said, “I hope we get struck by lightning.” Moments later Taylor’s wish came true, as the antenna of the family’s car was blasted by a lightning bolt.

Crazily, the family caught the whole thing on film.

The lightning bolt did some serious damage to the vehicle, blowing out three tires, shutting down all the electrical gauges and killing the radio. All three of the boys also recall feeling extremely hot shortly after the bolt hit.

Remarkably, though, the blast reportedly managed to charge the batteries in all the “dead” electronic devices in the vehicle, including smartphones and gaming devices.

So, it wasn’t all bad.

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