Rumor: Amazon Building an Android-Based Video Game Console

Amazon is reportedly working on its own video game console. A new rumor suggests the device will run the Android operating system, meaning Amazon’s console could be quite similar to the recently released Ouya.

Tech blog Game Informer says an anonymous source with “knowledge of the in-development hardware” has leaked that Amazon is building an Android-based console with a late 2013 release date in mind. In fact, such a console could be available by Black Friday, which kicks off the holiday shopping schedule. logo

The Amazon video game console will allow players to access games through the company’s own digital distribution center. Given that Amazon already offers services rivaling Netflix and iTunes, a video game distribution service makes some sense.

Amazon hasn’t commented on the report. If the rumor is true, you can expect an Amazon console to fill a very different market niche than Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One.

In all likelihood, an Amazon video game console would compete with the recently released Ouya device, which retails for $99 and features a limited selection of less-than-demanding games running on the Android platform.

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