WATCH: Terryifying Collision of Semi-Truck With Passenger Bus (VIDEO)

The following video out of China is quite spectacular, terrifying and somewhat graphic. No, there’s no blood, but if you’re terrified of being involved in a bad vehicle accident, this is not the video for you.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The surveillance on buses in China is so much better than it is in the United States.

The first angle offers an external view of a roll, but the second and third angles offer a glimpse of just how helpless you are when two massive objects collide, and you’re inside one of them. As the second angle plays, it’s pretty terrifying to see the driver desperately cling to the wheel, only to go flying out the window when he can no longer fight the laws of physics.

And if you’ll notice on the the play of the third angle, you can see there’s at least one very alert person at the back of the bus who sees they’re about to get hit, and turns to run toward the front, right at the moment of impact.

The video was from an accident that occurred last week, in which the bus driver attempted to back up on a freeway after missing an exit. The bus reportedly rolled and skidded to a stop over 160 feet from point of impact.

This accident is probably the the second scariest thing available to watch on the Internet today. It’s only slightly less terrifying than Lady Gaga performing her butt-naked version of Ambramovic method.

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