New Nexus 7 Tougher Than iPad Mini in Stress Test

The new Nexus 7 tablet is more durable than Apple’s iPad Mini, according to recent stress tests by gadget warranty firm Square Trade.

The first test involved dropping each of the tablets five feet onto a corner of the screen. The iPad Mini sustained substantial damage to its display but the Nexus 7 suffered only a few scratches.

Square Trade also performed a slide test, which involved sliding each device along a desk. While the iPad Mini slid right off the desk, the Nexus 7’s textured panels prevented it from sliding more than a few feet.

Finally, both devices were dunked in water. While the swim caused the iPad Mini to lose its audio playback functionality, the newest version of the Nexus 7 just kept on trucking.

The newest Nexus 7, with 1080p display, went on sale last week. The 16GB version retails for about $229, making it about $100 cheaper than the 16GB iPad Mini.

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