Want to Swim in Beer? An Austrian Brewery Will Let You

Starkenberger Brewery beer pool

Photo credit: Via AtlasObscura

There are places in the world where you can bathe in beer. Those places were once limited to certain stretches of road in college towns, or stages in front of gawking males, but no more.

The Starkenberger brewery in Austria has been brewing beer for hundreds of years inside a gorgeous castle that you can tour for a modest $10. For another $288, you can rent a bath filled with 42,000 pints of warm beer, a plunge that has rumored restorative properties.

We here at Manolith think that sounds like reason enough to book your trip to Austria immediately.

Need more? How about the flying fishes of Salzburg? How about Vienna? Or the fact that most of your favorite classical composers, including Mozart, called Austria their homeland?

If that doesn’t sway you, go back to the pools of beer and consider that the dunk for a mere three bills will also net you two hours of marinating, beer crackers and a meat spread.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, “Surely a man conceived of this. He has taken a beloved substance and decided to cover his body with it, something I’ve thought about often when alone on the weekends and staring at bowls of nacho cheese.” You’d be wrong though — the Starkenberger brewery has been run by women since it opened. Women you’d probably like to get to know better.

They’re waiting for you in Austria.

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