Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Totally Freaks Jacob Out (VIDEO)

Oculus Rift virtual reality roller coaster

Credit: ibarakiprefecture on YouTube

Hate roller coasters? Then you might not want to get drunk and play a virtual reality version of the real thing.

The video below features someone known as ‘Jacob’ using the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality 3D headset currently in development. The headset isn’t yet available for home consumers, though developers can acquire a kit through the Oculus Rift website.

Early reviews suggest the hardware still needs some work. Kotaku writer Richard Eisenbeis, for example, recently reported being “hit with instant nausea” after playing a Oculus Rift version of Dishonored for just a few minutes.

“For some odd reason, the game was not configured at all properly,” Eisenbeis notes. “I can’t even begin to explain how painful that was to see.”

So, there are definitely some kinks to work out. Nevertheless, it’s clearly real enough to scare the pants off poor Jacob, who by the end of the video is practically convulsing on the floor.

Of course, not everyone believes the video is legit. Many YouTube commenters have insisted it’s all fake. What do you think?

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