Dallas Cowboys Report Weirdest Injury of Preseason

Photo credit: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug has already taken a bite out of several  NFL teams this season.

Some of the worst include the Philadelphia Eagles losing Jeremy Maclin for the season due to a torn ACL, and the Seattle Seahawks losing Percy Harvin for the season after a few medical opinions led him to choose hip surgery.

Regardless of where your allegiance lies in the NFL, it stings when you hear about these modern day gladiators taking a fall before they’ve been able to do battle.

But then in a comedic twist, the Dallas Cowboys offer an injury report with one of the oddest injuries ever. Not an injury sustained on the field of play. Not an injury sustained from horseplay in an athletic environment or a fight at a bar. Nope, this injury was caused by a Jolly Rancher candy … cherry flavored.

When Barry Church was a no-show at the Cowboys first organized team practice, a few people thought he might have some residual issues from the Achilles tendon tear that ended his 2012 season prematurely. That wasn’t the case. Church was absent because he needed an emergency root canal after chipping a tooth on a cherry Jolly Rancher.

In all fairness, tooth pain can be bad. Your whole face feels like it’s on fire. As someone who’s experienced severe athletic injury, as well as tooth pain, it’s easy to empathize with Church. I’d take an ankle tweak over a broken tooth any day.

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