The Craziest Gaming Mouse You Can Buy

Hey, crazy PC gamers: looking for a leg up on your World of Warcraft, Call of Duty or Battlefield rivals? You might be interested in an insane new mouse from gaming hardware manufacturer Razer.

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Unlike most computer mice, which can be purchased for under $50, the Razer Naga 2014 costs a steep $80. But it’s got something most other mice don’t have: 17 buttons.

Yes, that’s right — 17 buttons. Twelve of those buttons are on the left side, giving gamers quick access to things like spells and weapons.

As you might expect, the Naga 2014 is highly customizable. Its sensitivity can be tweaked all the way up to an unprecedented 8,200 dots per inch.

Using the Naga 2014’s packaged Synapse software, you can also assign different functions to each of the 17 buttons — and that’s really where you’ll get an advantage over online rivals.

Being able to instantly pull out the right sword, gun or grenade for the job should help first-person shooter and MMORPG junkies creep up the player rankings.

Eighty dollars might seem a little pricey for a mouse, but for many hardcore gamers the Naga 2014 will be seen as a big improvement over the two- or three-button standard.

Oh, and for the many southpaws out there, Razer says it’s working on a new version of the Naga 2014 specially designed for lefties.

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