This U.S. Airman Can Hop, Dunks in Full Fatigues and Combat Boots (VIDEO)

Check out the moves in this basketball video. Quite impressive.

The man in uniform is United States Airman Nathaniel Mills, who later suggested everyone should see him ball when he’s out of uniform. I’ll take his word for it — he can hop. I’m sure he possesses some legendary status at Nellis Air Force Base, where he’s stationed.

The crowd-favorite feat came during a timeout of Team USA Basketball’s intrasquad scrimmage.  No doubt the crowd would have been pleased to see a simple dunk, but Mills went at the rim with some anger, putting a classic windmill into the mix. The crowd reaction is quite appropriate.

USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski called it “the best play of the night.” And if Coach K says it, you have to respect it.

And yes, that’s Carmelo Anthony on the sideline playing cheerleader and co-celebrator.



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