Girl Beats ‘Contra’, Receives Marriage Proposal From Hacker Boyfriend

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Here’s a challenge: beat the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game Contra. It’s a game so hard that defeating the final boss is worth a serious congratulations — and, in at least one case, a marriage proposal.

According to Kotaku, a gamer known to the world only as EquinnoxX modified a Contra NES cartridge so that when his girlfriend finished the game she was presented with the message, “Congrats Amy!!! You’ve beat the game saved the universe and won my heart. Will you marry me…”

EquinnoxX documented the entire cartridge modding process and posted it to the web with the heartfelt tagline: “I hacked Contra because she’s worth it.”

Most gamers can barely complete Castle Crashers, let alone Contra, which is easily one of gaming’s toughest games. Like many NES side-scrollers, it features a steep difficulty. If I remember correctly, the good ‘ol Game Genie was the only reason I ever saw that game’s final credits.

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But EquinnoxX also went the distance in creating the custom cartridge.

“I had very little knowledge of how the innards of a Nintendo worked before this,” he said. “I had done basic electronic fixing/modifying/hacking before but that’s about it. It was trial and error all the way and I learned a lot. Of course the reference library that is the Internet helped too!”

A big congratulations to EquinnoxX and the lucky lady.

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