The 10 Best Hulk Parody Twitter Accounts

If there’s a character more suited for Twitter than Marvel’s angry green giant, we don’t know of him. Hulk’s syntax is restricted, his thoughts come half-formed and he bellows in capital letters. Basically, he’s like everyone on Twitter — only the regular keyboard jockeys can’t get hit with nuclear warheads and survive.

Below, we run down the best Hulk-related Twitter accounts out of the many that exist.

1. Drunk Hulk

The big daddy of all Hulk parody accounts, Drunk Hulk has drawn notice from publications as big as Time and actors as mundane as Russell Brand. Written by a university lecturer living in Poland, he’s one of the biggest parody accounts on Twitter with nearly 200,000 followers. Why’s that? He’s funny, waxing poetic on pop culture in curt and hilarious ways.

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2. Feminist Hulk

Put down your copy of Women Who Run With The Wolves and stop looking at feminist Ryan Gosling memes — those aren’t what you need. You need a big green man talking to you about the burden of male hegemony, contemporary pro-choice issues and the impossible societal standards set for the sisterhood. For me, Feminist Hulk is the funniest Hulk juxtaposition, as none of the Hulk comics I’ve read mention feminist theory. But weirdly, storylines such as the Hulk attending fem lit lectures at the university where Bruce Banner teaches wouldn’t be far off base.

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3. Hipster Hulk

When you think of a hipster who smashes everything he doesn’t like, you don’t think about him doing it with his fists. He probably does it with a dismissive eye-roll or a passive-aggressive comment disguised as a compliment. Hipster Hulk would rather watch obscure ’80s cartoons than go out and save the world, which he’s, like, done SO MANY TIMES. Seriously, you guys? Are we still saving the humans? I just want to, like, drink PBR. What? You’re out? *Hulk destroys bar*

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4. Film Critic Hulk

If more film critics had a temperament like the Hulk, people would read more film criticism. Instead, film critics are like Gene Shalit: terrifying men who’ve been driven to bow-ties and afros by watching too many slipshod studio comedies where Adam Sandler dresses like a woman. But if they were driven off the edge and started writing reviews in all caps to harness their rage at a decaying studio system, they might sound a bit like Film Critic Hulk.

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5. Jaded Punk Hulk

You’ve probably met a jaded punk. They’re the guys wandering around with mile-long stares and tattoos that looked great before their skin faded to the kind of leather you’d find being sold in Naples. They might even be turning green, either from track marks or the beer at a Dropkick Murphys show. Jaded Punk Hulk is their talisman, spouting off about the behavior of kids who claim they’re straight edge and pop punk bands who are still releasing music despite it being past the year 2006.

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6. Newfie Hulk

Are you familiar with jokes about Newfoundlanders? Good, neither are most Americans. But according to this Hulk account, they spend their time pooping off the side of boats and making out with cods. I can only assume the Canadian province typically births thousands of rock-star pirates.

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7. Editor Hulk

Imagine you’re somebody who has to edit dozens of articles a day that are long on spelling errors and short on communicating effectively. Day in and day out. Or you have to write cover copy for a half-formed novel that’s as far from the great American novel as the average person is from Antarctica. It’d make you want to smash things. That’s why most of the editors you may have had the fortune to meet are pretty Hulk-like.

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8. Grammar Hulk

Along the same continuum as Editor Hulk is Grammar Hulk. You probably know a Grammar Hulk in real life: when you send them a text that confuses your with you’re, you instantly look for giant hands to punch you in the side of the neck.

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9. Real Hulk

What if the Hulk got down whenever bad news broke? What if he was constantly expressing his disappointment instead of rage? Then he’d be Real Hulk. Real Hulk talks about the passing of prominent figures of history, the crushing ennui of life, and Israel involving themselves in conflicts they shouldn’t be involved in. Heady stuff for a hero who once bellowed he was going to kill Freddie Prinze Jr.

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10. Buddhist Hulk

There have been story arcs in the Hulk-verse where Bruce Banner learns the power of meditation and suppresses his rage, usually only to be awoken by someone making lewd comments about his beloved Betty. Damon Lindelof did a stretch dealing with that. We’ve all encountered people who brag about their granola-fied enlightenment or people who are that much more serene at meditation yoga — Buddhist Hulk gives them a voice. A harsh, all-caps voice.

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