Sylvester Stallone Set to Reprise Rocky Balboa One More Time

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler

Michael B. Jordan (left) and Ryan Coogler / Photo credit: Featureflash

You didn’t think Sylvester Stallone would settle for a mere six films in the Rocky storyline, did you?

Truth be told, he was going to.

But then an idea began to germinate. What if a movie was made about Apollo Creed‘s grandson, who was inspired by his grandfather to continue the champion’s legacy.

After the incredible buzz surrounding the must-see independent drama Fruitvale Station, writer-director Ryan Coogler was offered the opportunity to pitch how such a storyline would play out and what the film would look like. Part of his pitch was to use Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan as Creed’s grandson.

And every great boxer needs great people in his corner. Who else would Apollo Creed’s grandson turn to for the best ring training in the world? The best boxing champion in the history of the world, that’s who: Rocky Balboa.

Stallone is a definite “in” for the new project to portray Rocky, who will again be reluctant to get involved in the boxing world.

The first and sixth Rocky films book-ended the storyline nicely — they work well together. Rocky II through Rocky V are pure guilty pleasures. What I suspect for the Creed film is a more realistic portrayal of the boxing world. That’s Coogler’s bread and butter: harsh reality.

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