Apple Reportedly Testing Bigger iPad, iPhone Displays and an ‘iPhone Mini’

Think the 10-inch iPad is too small? What about the four-inch iPhone 5? The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Apple is testing new and much larger displays for both devices.

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The report says Apple is working on an iPad tablet computer with a 13-inch screen — almost three inches larger than the screen currently available. The firm is also reportedly testing a 5.7-inch iPhone display, giving Apple a presence in the somewhat ignored “phablet” sector of the mobile market.

There appears to be some demand for the change. According to a recent survey by technology blog CNET, more than three in five people think a bigger iPhone screen is a good idea.

That’s not the only Apple rumor making its way through the interwebs this Monday. Another report states Apple is planning to launch a “lite” version of the iPhone. In essence, it would be a 4-inch device with less impressive hardware specifications (like a dual-core Samsung processor and 1GB RAM) than the iPhone 5S.

An iPhone Lite (which might also be called the iPhone Mini) would reportedly be much cheaper to purchase and activate than the iPhone 5S and may even be available for prepaid plans.

Images of the lighter, cheaper iPhone have leaked to the web, though it’s certainly worth noting that Apple hasn’t yet commented on any of the rumors.

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